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Music for Film and Television

The Journey so far:

My first film scoring opportunity was through the kindness of Hans Zimmer on his  first ever Hollywood movie, 'Terminal Exposure'. Since then it has been an honour and privilege to work with some of the most amazing people on the planet including (in no particular order):

        Sir David Attenborough, Sir John Hurt, Sir Ian McKellen, Stephen Hawkin, Youssou N'Dour, Manu Katche, Catherine Lara, Sandi Toksvig, Rachel Portman OBE, Ian Dury, Sir Trevor MacDonald, Tony Robbins, Joanna Lumley, Trevor Eve, Leslie Ash, Malcolm McLaren, Sister Wendy Beckett, Clive James, Patricia Cornwell, Gore Vidal, Criag McLachlan, Jaye Griffiths, Susanna York, Tim Collins, Brian Eastman, Hugh Cornwell, Will Gregory, Trevor Horn, Stewart Copeland, Peter Gabriel, Jona Lewie, Christopher Austin, Daevid Allen and Ruby Turner.

Thank you for being so inspiring!

  The score to date: 3 Feature Films 37 Short Films 67 Documentaries 94 TV Dramas 103 Title Sequences


Monthly Playlists


In the first week of each month a new Playlist will be posted featuring a complete score restored from DAT with some 'behind the scenes' information (both creative and technical) plus new pieces written / produced in the previous month.

Featured Scores:

March 2020: 'The Lost Gods of Easter Island' (BBC Sir David Attenborough)


April 2020: 'On Jupiter' (Pioneer Productions / CH4 narrated by Sir John Hurt)


An analysis of each other these scores will be posted shorty...


Available for Film / TV Drama

For 2020 I am  interested mainly in 'pitching' for feature film and mainstream TV dramas.


To this end I am adopting a 'Hire or Fire' option for potential clients by producing a 15 - 20  minute 'Audio Tool Kit'  of themes and mood textures to a specified 'brief' without an initial charge.


This can be done from either reading the script or viewing a scene / rough assembly. From experience this can be very useful for the picture editor and as well finding out if I am the right composer for your project. This usually takes three days to produce and will be delivered via a private SoundCloud link or WeTransfer depending on the number of decision-makers involved.


Then potential clients can either hire or 'fire' me (with no hard feelings!). The copyright of the 'Audio Tool Kit' will remain mine unless a mutually beneficial agreement is reached, if commissioned.

Creative Approach

​I try to put myself inside the head of each of the characters in the narrative, whether they are human, animals, or sometimes, inanimate objects. This, like 'method acting', can be quite a challenge, and that's even before writing a single note of music.


There is always an interesting balancing act involved to absorb the 'brief' from the Producer / Director, in terms of style and the overall mood of the film, and then to try to create 'maximum value' for a first time viewer, as well as creating something original.


I believe creating a good soundtrack provides an extra metaphorical level for the viewers' experience. It is this quality, and years of experience, that I hope to bring to a project.

If you have a new project, I'm all ears at:

Book a Skype Tutorial

Learning never stops...


I have been fortunate to be a guest Lecturer / Tutor at Warwick University, Bath Spa University,  University of Wolverhampton and, recently, for the London College of Music / University of West London. I can safely say that most of my students have achieved first class degrees and, more importantly, have gone on to be successful in the music industry, including three former students / interns now working in Hollywood.


Skype Tutorial (75 minutes) @ £135 GBP

This includes previously auditioning student's material and email follow-up

Since 2015 I have found using Skype very effective with composition and production students, especially if they have their own home studio setups. With that said, I am now offering bespoke crash courses on the three most popular and asked for topics:

  •  Composition

  •  Scoring-to-Picture

  •  Psycho-acoustics


I cater for all levels, not just degree, as often the best musicians have no qualifications at all, but might instead need some technical guidance and help with their own research. So if you are interested in a pragmatic and hopefully inspiring tutorial then drop me an email at:



+44(0)7771 228562

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